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The Kozminsky Collection

Jewels 31 Jan 2017


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The Auction will be held at Kozminsky, 421 Bourke St, Melbourne on Saturday 4th March 2017 at 11 am
Doors open 10am on Auction day

Auction & Viewing Information

Sydney Highlights Viewing
Location: Leonard Joel Sydney, 39 Queen St Woollahra, Sydney
Saturday 18 February 10am-4pm
Sunday 19 February 10 am -4pm

Melbourne Viewing
Location: Kozminsky, 421 Bourke Street Melbourne
Saturday 25 February 10am-5pm
Monday 27 February-Friday 3 March 10am-5.30 pm

Location: Kozminsky, 421 Bourke Street Melbourne
Saturday 4th March
 11am (Doors open 10am on Auction day)

Restroom facilities are NOT available at Kozminsky

Please note that all registration details for this auction will be shared between Leonard Joel and Kozminsky for the purpose of future direct marketing and communications. In providing your registration details to participate in this auction you are taken to have consented to the registration details being shared between Leonard Joel and Kozminsky.

If you wish your registration details not to be shared or do not want to receive any future direct marketing and communications from either Leonard Joel and/or Kozminsky, please advise one of our staff or write to info@leonardjoel.com.au.

Bride_balloonsKirsten Albrecht sheds Bricks & Mortar business model of 165 Years. Following a highly successful 40 year residency in one of Melbourne’s iconic buildings, she has exciting plans for a new chapter of Kozminsky. The owner of Australia’s oldest jeweller Kirsten Albrecht is taking a break, has decided to farewell the current business model and will take some time out to consider Kozminsky’s next iteration.

Kirsten Albrecht, Managing Director of Kozminsky:

“After many significant life changes, It just feels right to take this brand, that I have nurtured for the best part of 40 years into a new phase that brings with that all the magic and history that comes with a Kozminsky purchase.”

“There are many areas we have yet to explore with the Kozminsky brand and we feel that the brand is capable of achieving much more. The Kozminsky brand is imbued with much potential. In the major world capitals, we enjoy International patronage and look forward to expanding our horizons. My decision to Auction the Kozminsky stock through Leonard Joel was a natural choice given the relationship I have with John Albrecht my brother.”

“My hope is that many of our beloved patrons will take this opportunity to purchase a fabulous memory of 165 years of Kozminsky. “For the engaged or soon to be engaged couples I see this as a wonderful and nostalgic opportunity to buy their special ring or piece of history while the setting of the traditional Kozminsky remains. My late father, Kurt Albrecht brought to Kozminsky; a sense of shopping for the great occasion, a sense of European elegance and style, that continues to this day.

“After this auction, I plan to travel for a year and consider my future.  The loss of my beloved partner has made me re evaluate my life, and I feel I it’s the right time to have a break.”

“Why the auction sell-down of the entire stock and trade of Kozminsky? I would like to have a clean slate so to rethink my business in the 21st century: what today’s client needs, and how best to provide a highly personalised and bespoke service. I feel that I would like to keep in step with the ever-changing landscape that beautiful and unique jewellery has on the world stage. I plan to maintain connection with my family of Kozminsky clients ,and will keep them informed via social media over the coming year. I look forward to seeing what the future holds for Kozminsky and indeed myself.”

John D’Agata, National Head of Jewellery for Leonard Joel:

“I worked for a decade with Kirsten and now a decade with Leonard Joel so I feel not only comfortable to have been selected to manage this historic auction dispersal but thrilled that Kirsten has entrusted me and Leonard Joel with this project”.

“It is undoubtedly the largest single-owner collection of jewellery ever to come to public auction since the historic Claire McKinnon Collection that we sold in 1981”.

“The collection has a book value in the millions but Kirsten instructed me that she wanted an exciting auction for all bidders. I told her there was only one way to do that and that was to let us price the collection as auctioneers. Kirsten does nothing by halves, knows how auctions function and this is no exception.”

“The auction estimate range is roughly around a million dollars wholesale and make no mistake we are under instructions to sell this collection.”

“I’m confident bidding interest will be unprecedented and this will the biggest ‘Single Vendor’ jewellery auction ever to be held in Australia. I feel very nostalgic, as does Kirsten’s brother John, about this auction as it reinforce. Australia’s oldest jewellery retail tradition, but we’re personally delighted that Kirsten will hold onto the brand and reinvent it when and how she sees fit.”

For all media enquiries and interviews with Kirsten Albrecht or John D’Agata please contact:
Katarina Ljahovic | Communications & Marketing Manager, Leonard Joel | +61 (0) 3 9826 4333 |  katarina.ljahovic@leonardjoel.com.au