Leonard Joel

Catch up with Former Leonard Joel Auctioneer, Tam Farrah

Leonard Joel Auctions 20 Aug 2015


Well it’s been almost 4 years since I left Leonard Joel for the Queensland outback to chase the mining boom. After leaving I was thrust into a totally different world in a desolate and dry landscape to begin my new career as a FIFO worker. My role had changed from Art valuer and Auctioneer to a Geologists assistant in the middle of the Queensland bush, and my 45 min commute from the eastern suburbs of Melbourne to South Yarra had now become 2 flights and a 2hr drive to camp. My gavel had been swapped for a hard hat and my rostrum swapped for a dual cab Hilux 4×4, I was here with a mission, to chase capital for a business venture that I had always wanted to bring to life, a design business.

farrahDesign had always been part of my life as my father, brother and uncle all studied Industrial design. My idea was to design mens accessories and manufacture them here in Melbourne, and, after 2 1/5 years in the Queensland heat (hitting 43c in September was a shock!) I finally left the exploration industry to chase my dream with many stories, including entering the Mackay tradie fight night and coming away with a miraculous win after 3 rounds against a machine operator from Hail Creek Mine, Tommie Hiekennin  a great guy who I am proud to say now owns one of my wallets and remains a great friend.

After returning to Melbourne my wife and I had the joy of welcoming our first born son Jack Monty Farrah and my dream of the design business was starting to take shape with recognition for my work in the way of a Melbourne design award for my wallet. After chipping away at the online business and continuing work as a bar tender to ensure ends would meet I started to build momentum and now I am finally opening a shop, in fact, just down the road. The shop (109 Greville St, Prahran) couldn’t have come at a better time after just receiving a Sydney design award for my belt. After finding some other top notch Melbourne based brands to share the space we bumped in our stock and finishing the fit out, it was fantastic to be back in the same area as my Leonard Joel days, and even more wonderful to attend some weekly sale viewings to see so many familiar faces that patronise the great old school rooms. If you ever come down to the shop, or see me in the viewings, don’t be shy to come and say hello.

Tom Farrah



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109 Greville St, Prahran